I am an aspiring art director that loves to get her hands dirty and is not afraid of hard work. Everything I know about advertising, I’ve learned from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), books, and the interweb. I know there is a lot more out there for me to learn but I am eager to absorb that knowledge and apply to my work. I am a problem solver that loves a great challenge. Against all odds, I strive for excellence and push myself to new limits every day to better myself and the work I produce.

In my final year at OCADU, out of the graduating class of 2015, my creative teams in Retail Branding and Ad Concepts were awarded first place for having the strongest brand voice, positioning and business idea (Avow) and 2nd place for “Best 10 second tv spots" for the new 2016 Smart fortwo. Respectively, showing my passion and expertise for brand identity, packaging, visual design and storytelling.

How I Design.

I truly believe that the most important characteristic you must possess in achieving anything is perseverance. Over the past 4 years of freelancing, I have learnt that true ground breaking design, is thoroughly thought out down to the last detail and as little design as possible.  My experience as a brand consultant for multiple small businesses really helped shape the creative I am today.  It trained me to be diligent in meeting deadlines and create identities true to the needs of my clients businesses.  My biggest takeaway from working closely with my clients is that even though creativity is important, sometimes our imagination can take us too far and that finding the grace in between, is the key to success.  Understanding this allows me to take on every project wholeheartedly and see it through from start to finish.

When I design, my first priority is detail. Even one pica can make a difference. I pay attention to the typeface, colour, page size, font size, leading, kerning, negative space, positive space, you name it- the small things really do matter. I aim to incorporate tried-and-true principles like my design hero, Jonathan Ive from Apple, to design with the consumer/business at the top of mind, but can still be easily understandable by anyone. Just like any other type of art, design is a language; it can change a person's perspective, way of thinking, and or feeling, that’s why every pica counts!


  • travelling to new places (locally and internationally)
  • doodling in my agenda
  • dancing in front of a mirror
  • kick boxing
  • Reading romance
  • Pinning anything and everything
  • trying new recipes
  • making mood boards

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